Do You ASPIRE To Play Guitar Like A ROCKStar ? Even If You Thought You Never Could  

Because That’s what These Beginner and Beyond Students USED To Think Too….


.. Do You Want To Discover How To Make Music Now ?  that is more fun, more social and yes more enjoyable, than ever before.  And Yes even Play Like a RockStar

Because The Number 1 Reason my Students have discovered had been holding them back in the past is because they hadn’t yet been trained How To fully focus,to be fully Mindfull, fully aware of their Playing;  to get you fully engaged so When You Play, You not only Play You also enjoy The Journey as well.

Let me ask You, Have You ever gone from video to video on youtube, only to get so far, stop and then go onto the next video.. and then the next…. or maybe for  You it’s going from one book… to another book… until it’s all too easily getting covered in dust.

Because this becomes the difference between playing something that is meaningfull to You or not, between You playing a song all the way through, or not playing a song all the way through.

It can be the difference between You playing a part of a solo or a complete solo, or often is the case getting even more out of the solo ideas You already know, using Phrasing techniques, making your playing even more expressive, so when it is time to solo, Your playing does start to using.

The Music Doesn’t Change – Except…You…Might

Like I tell people in their lessons, the music doesn’t change, but you might –

For example You and I could record an example of you playing through something on Monday… and yet by wednesday when say You’ve decided to practice – You might be all fingers and thumbs – and Yes we’ve all had days like that…You know those really challenging days, where stress gets in the way – so until You discover how to really focus, you can watch all the videos You want, and still get caught up in that something where Your playing doesn’t quite sound right, like there is something missing.

One of the things People tell me that can keep them inspired outside of their face to face lessons, where they finally start to make progress is having the workshops,this is Your chance to Play with a band setting, without having Your own band,  the open mike sessions, and Special Shows if that is something You Aspire To, and also Our special Social Events where we sometimes go to watch concerts.

People tell me this is a lot of fun and can even be a great way to socialise with like minded people, for example at Workshops or even some of the Social events that we have in between lessons, to keep You fully engaged, fully motivated, inspired and Ofcourse Practicing Aswell.

Imagine being around People like You that have that have the same interest and desire in Guitar, that really helps keep You on track, and if You have been struggling with books or struggling following videos then remember it’s not your fault – there is no shortage of what to play, although sadly there is a shortage of how to play – and sadly sometimes You can feel overwhelmed when it comes time to Play  – doesn’t it feel sometimes like Life Gets In the way, because I usually tell people the real challenge is after the first lesson, not before.

Why because it’s when You feel inspired, and really want to play, but life gets in the way, which is why early on I take people through a process of how to use what I call (no extra time), maybe travelling back from work or your studies so You can what I call “Maintain Your Musical Momentum” – at least that way You are able to get the most out of your practice time, when Life Gets In the Way – which You and I know it does from time to time.

My students have found thatimg_0332

Playing guitar is supposed to be a lot of fun, and does not have to be frustrating; Because most students start from the beginner or intermediate levels with some at an Advanced Level.

Students tell me they are often surprised at how quickly and enjoyably they find that they are making progress in their playing,especially once they discover How To Focus – How To Prime Your Musical Mind,

And also how to  focus on specific transition sticking points first in their Playing before pulling everything together into something that is Meaningfull, Musical and Motivational for You

whether that’s putting together Your first song, or first part of a song, or Your  first solos – right the way through to connecting the neck and being able to solo confidently and competently at a more advanced level.

And as well as the face to face lessons, having the option of the special themed workshop, open mike and Student Show events – and this can be a way to stay focused making everything far more enjoyable and inspiring for You.


Playing The Guitar the way You want is absolutely Possible.

And learning How To Focus First is the critical first step.

Because as I tell people, The Music Doesn’t Change – But You Might – this means You might be able to play something Monday, and be all Fingers and Thumbs Thursday – because that was a really stressful day – and when You Prime Your Musical Mind first – and these are tools and techniques I use to help get You out of distracted Life Mode, into Music making Mode – then everything else follows more easily.


Many people in your situation can and do Play and Progress, with the right structured step by step, patient guidance. The mistake sadly I have seen too many make is jumping straight to Playing, without getting Fully Focussed first.

Because Once You Get Focussed, Everything else follows, Without Focus sadly

no amount of Tab, nor books nor videos will take you forward

Esquires 3

You Don’t Have To be Frustrated with where Your Guitar Playing is right now If You Don’t Want To be, You absolutely can Play, Make Progress and Get More enjoyment from Your Playing – whether You want to Play More For Your Own Pleasure, or Perhaps If You Aspire to Play at Workshops, or even Up On Stage at One of The Special Live Events.

To Find Out How You Could Finally Get Past Frustration To be The Guitar Player You have always wanted to Be, Then Click The Orange Button Below ,



Immersion Lessons, Workshops, OnStage Giving YOU The Confidence To Progress & Play

Immersion Lessons, Workshops, OnStage
Giving YOU The Confidence To Progress & Play

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