Andres Guitar AcademyDo You Love Rock, Blues or Indie Guitar Styles ?

If You’re also interested in Acoustic or Electric Guitar, then whether You are a Beginner or Beyond, Then  You are in the right place.

Because when people come to see me for face to face Guitar Lessons in Coventry, they tell me it’s because they want to escape the stress of their work, their careers.They Say they want to Build the Confidence so that when They Pick up their Guitar and Play, after a hard days work – that they are happy with how Their Playing sounds, how they are Progressing ?They also tell me they have tried Youtube videos, tried books and yet there’s something missing from their Playing – It’s almost like they know what to Play(there’s no shortage of what on YouTube) but not How To Play, How to Make their Guitar sound the way You would like it to.

It’s almost like there is something missing in their Playing, and they are not necessarily sure what that is.

Now Just imagine You playing Your Favourites songs, Solos, or Perhaps even playing with like minded people at Workshop events, outside of Lessons

People tell me this is a lot of fun and can even be a great way to socialise with like minded people, for example at Workshops or even some of the Social events that we hst in between lessons. It can be really inspiring being around People like You that have that have the same interest and desire in Guitar, and if You have been struggling with books or struggling following videos then it’s not your fault – there is no shortage of what to play, although sadly there is  a shortage of how to play – and without the How, Your Playing sadly won’t quite sound like the way You want – and You won’t be making the progress in your playing that You deserve.

Because My students have found that

Playing guitar is supposed to be a lot of fun, and does not have to be frustrating; Because most students start from the beginner or intermediate levels with some at an Advanced Level.

Students tell me they are often surprised at how quickly and enjoyably they find that they are making progress in their playing,  whether that’s putting together songs for the first time, their first solos – right the way through to connecting the neck and being able to solo confidently and competently at a more advanced level.

And as well as the face to face lessons, having the option of the special themed workshop, open mike and Student Show events – and this can be a way to stay focused with all your learning from lessons, getting to Play Your first songs, your first solos with other like minded people.


Playing The Guitar the way You want is absolutely Possible. This can be achieved far more quickly and far more enjoyably with the help of an experienced Guitar Coach and Trainer that has helped

Many people in your situation can and do Play and Progress, with the right structured step by step, patient guidance.

I Still to this day think of myself more a master of musical mistakes than of Music – Why Because I can remember all too well not only how to make mistakes (Students are often surprised how I can do their mistakes better than them) – but not only master of mistakes, but of going from mistake, to solution so that You discover how Best To Practice in-between Lessons as well.

* This Means You don’t have to struggle to figure things out on your own, unless You enjoy that. and Be honest nobody likes struggle – Not even You – or You wouldn;t have read through to here – Would You?


* There is no need to waste time on methods that don’t take into account How You want to play, and where You are starting from

* There is no need to sit in front of a computer struggling – or just flipping from video to video without any sense of structure of achievement,

You Don’t Have To be Frustrated with where Your Guitar Playing is right now If You Don’t Want To be

Because if 72 Year Old Beginner John can progress and even make his stage debut at our Student Show then with the right patient guidance, You can progress too.


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