Hi There,

Still busy editing the videos from Annual Show Number 12 –

While Our drummer Kev was fixing his snare drum, we decided to do the soundcheck with just 5 student Guitars, and 1 student on Bass – Heg well done to Helena, Mark, Sohrab, Paul, Chris and Luke On Bass..

The last time we featured Save Tonight Eagle Eye Cherry was way back in 2011 on Show Number 6 –

But Here’s a little clip from a workshop wayback in 2011 –

helping students make that key transition from their Immersion Lessons – through to developing the confidence

to Play On Stage – because when You follow the steps, then Yes it is achieveable

And that was the same year that Near Beginner John, aged 70 Made his workshop debut playing with a Full Band….

Til Next Time – Because It’s ALL About Raising YOUR Aspiration…

Because if 70 Year Old John Can, Then….